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You are in transition. You may be getting married, quitting your jobb, moving across the country or maybe all three at the same time. This is a fantastic time to reset.
A transition coach understands the consistent nature of life transitions. A transition coach knows
and acknowledge that life in itself is unpredictable and is constantly changing. Whether that’s
selling your company or taking the step to retire. It’s a rite of passage, a time of celebration and a
time of change. A transition coach helps to ground you in your values during this time of change.
They are your advocate, rooting for you, and helping you manage the expected and unexpected
changes during these times. Times of transition work differently with different people; some
embrace it, while others run away from it. We are wired to like consistency and stability
(especially as we age). So transitions can seem…scary.

However, a time of transition is a time where you can make adjustments — lose what doesn’t
work and embrace what does. You’re taking stock, making a move. Let’s go where you want to
and beyond


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